The Divided Berlin

Quick Details

An impressive guided tour with a contemporary witness to authentic sites.

  • Starts at Brandenburg Gate
  • 2 Hours and 30 Minutes

For almost 30 years, Berlin was a divided walled in city, a unique situation in the German history. We start at Brandenburg gate – an absolute symbol of division and unification – with the so-called “ghost train” to the “palace of tears” a famous checkpoint in the past.

We continue to one of the “ghost stations”- Nodbahnhof – along the original wall in “Bernauerstrasse”, known for the spectacular escapes out of the windows and through escape tunnels. We go over the border control line – the deathstripe – to the chapel of reconciliation, where we take part in a short service to listen the story of one of 138 victims of the wall.

The end is in the documentation center with a lot of photo, film and press material.

  • More Than 15 People in One Group (9 Years and Over): €10 per person
  • Chevron down Itinerary
    1. Start at 10.30 clock at the Brandenburg Gate – in front of the Tourist Info – the city guide can be recognized by the folder with the inscription: BERLINDIVIDUAL TOURS / THE DIVIDED BERLIN AND THE MAUEROPFER, and there is always someone under 0177 341 07 33 to reach.
    2. Short ride on the S-Bahn to the so-called Tears Palace.
    3. Continue to “Ghost Station”, the North Station.
    4. On foot along the original wall in the Bernauer Str., Known for spectacular escapes from windows and through escape tunnels, to the so-called death strip.
    5. If possible, reading from the so-called Book of the Dead to the fate of one of the 138 victims of the Berlin Wall, which existed alone in Berlin, in the Chapel of Reconciliation.
    6. Completion is in the Documentation Center with film press and photo material.

    You need a ticket for the public transport for this tour.